Counterspark is giving people a platform to say yes for climate action and the clean energy transition. Our mission is to make sure America is powered by 100% clean energy and electrified transportation. Learn more and join one of our campaigns to have your voice heard in the fight for a clean energy future! 

  • Powering America's Clean Energy Future

    After a decade of game-changing technological innovation, America is ready to embrace a clean energy future. We as a country need to bring this technology to the communities that will benefit the most. That means building offshore wind farms along our coastlines, linking solar and wind projects to technologies that can store and later deploy that energy, and ensuring utilities invest in energy efficiency and demand response, which will allow us to use less energy in the first place. Counterspark is pushing states to accelerate the clean energy transition. 

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  • Clean & Healthy Communities

    Today more than ever consumers want to control where their energy comes from and how they use it. Unfortunately, most states have rules on the books that limit consumer choice. Rules that block rooftop solar, allow utilities to withhold energy insights that help make informed decisions, or require our buildings to hook up to outdated fossil fuels. Counterspark believes every American should have a say in the clean energy future. 

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  • Clean Transportation Means Clean Air 

    Transportation is the largest source of carbon pollution in the country but it does not have to be. We have the technology to electrify school buses, heavy trucks and freight, our ports, and the family car. Investing in clean transportation means healthier communities for everyone. Counterspark is working to accelerate the move to clean transportation. 

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