Powering Our Communities With Offshore Wind

Plugging in a single wind farm has the potential to power 250,000 homes with clean, renewable energy.

  • Why It Matters

    Offshore wind has tremendous potential as a climate solution and an economic engine. Millions of homes and businesses will become powered by clean energy when we build wind farms off the coast and, we’ll see a rebirth of American manufacturing producing those turbines.

  • What’s the Solution?

    In order to capitalize on this moment for offshore wind, we need governors from North Carolina to Maine and California to Washington to work together. By forming an interregional pact for offshore wind and the power lines needed to bring that clean power onshore, states can send a powerful message to the federal government to act quickly for permitting and connecting that power to our electric grid.

  • What Can I Do?

    The next two years are critical in this campaign. The Biden Administration supports offshore wind, but they need to hear from our elected officials in the states that it’s time to work together to harness the power of offshore wind. Join this campaign to tell your governor and legislators it’s time to join hands with neighboring states for a clean energy future.

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