IRA Success Stories

Since President Biden signed it into law in 2022, the Inflation Reduction Act has been delivering investments and jobs to communities across the country and saving people on their monthly bills. Watch to learn about just a few of these stories.

  • Clean School Buses for California

    Clean & Healthy School Bus Act

    In 2022, a bill to make the entire fleet of school buses in California electric passed the House but failed in the state Senate. An updated bill was introduced in early 2023. Throughout 2023, Counterspark utilized both digital and print ads and mobilized Californians to contact their state legislators and Gov. Gavin Newsom. This law commits the state to a 100% zero emission fleet of school buses. Starting in 2035, the state will be required to choose electric for any new school buses. This means cleaner air for the most vulnerable population — children.

  • Powering Millions of Homes with Offshore Wind

    Maryland POWER Act

    In 2022, the Maryland legislature adopted the goal for the state to be powered by 100% clean energy by 2040. This year, legislators introduced the POWER Act (Promoting Offshore Wind Energy Resources Act) to make sure the state harnesses its abundant offshore wind resources in hitting that goal. In February 2022, Counterspark sprang into action. Our team worked to mobilize hundreds of Marylanders to contact their elected officials and urge them to vote YES on the bill. On April 21, 2023, Gov. Wes Moore signed this bill into law, paving the way for lower costs and new clean energy jobs!

  • Making Virginia a Climate Leader

    Virginia Clean Economy Act

    For years Virginia lagged behind its neighbors in the transition to clean energy, consistently ranking last in the Mid-Atlantic region for clean energy installed. That changed in 2020 when Counterspark, and our allies, launched an ambitious plan to send Virginia from the back of the pack to leading the race. We gave thousands of Virginians a platform to phone and email their elected officials during the state’s 2020 Legislative session, calling for a quick and just transition to 100% clean energy. We demonstrated to lawmakers that clean energy benefits consumers and creates economic growth, and convinced them to pass the Virginia Clean Economy Act, making Virginia the first southern state to commit to 100% clean energy!

  • Clean Energy for All

    Federal Action on Climate

    The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act paired with the Inflation Reduction Act mark the largest climate investment in our nation’s history. Passage of either bill was never a certainty and Counterspark jumped into the fray to make the case that investing in clean energy is good for the economy. We ran targeted digital ad campaigns in Arizona, Colorado, and West Virginia to shore up wayward Democratic senators. We also mobilized voters in those states to call on the Senate to make game-changing clean energy tax credits refundable, or “direct pay”, for state and local governments, tribal governments, and nonprofits, and were successful in getting it included in the Inflation Reduction Act. Thanks to this change and others made to the tax code, we expect to see clean electricity to be 60-80% of total electricity generation by 2030, driving CO2 emissions as low as 80% below 2005 levels and dramatically reducing emissions of other pollutants.

  • Clean School Buses for New York

    Electric School Buses In New York

    Every day millions of American children breathe in toxic air caused by the school buses they ride in on their way to and from school. That’s why Counterspark works to replace diesel buses with all-electric, non-polluting school buses. In New York, we worked with advocates on the ground to push for replacing the state’s more than 45,000 fossil fuel powered buses with electric school buses. We conducted polling to show public support and mobilized the public in support of going electric. As a result, New York’s General Assembly committed to replacing the state’s entire public school bus fleet by 2035, which will help reduce fuel use by an estimated 86 million gallons per year and leave cleaner air for our children to breathe.