DeSantis is Desperate

He refused to save Florida taxpayers nearly $280 million in order to appease fossil fuels

  • Why It Matters

    Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is running for president, and just vetoed a bill that would’ve saved Florida taxpayers nearly $280 million. A car costs more than just its sticker price. Operations, gas, and maintenance add up over the lifetime of a vehicle. So, the best deal is to buy a vehicle that will be cheaper in the long run – which is often an electric vehicle. DeSantis vetoed this bill -- which would have required Florida to consider the long-term price. And now, Florida taxpayers will foot the bill for the extra costs.

  • What’s the Solution?

    This bill passed the state legislature overwhelmingly – by 153 – 1. So why didn’t DeSantis sign? His flailing presidential campaign could be the answer. In a race to the far right in the Republican field, DeSantis needs all the help he can get to win the GOP nomination – even if that means blindly opposing commonsense bills to appease the fossil fuel lobby. Now, DeSantis needs to be held accountable.

  • What Can I Do?

    It’s clear that Ron DeSantis cares more about his political aspirations than serving Americans. Add your name to our statement on this page to let DeSantis know you don’t appreciate him playing politics when critical savings for families are on the line.

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