What is Counterspark?

Counterspark, formerly Advanced Energy Works, was started in 2017 by Advanced Energy United, the nation’s only business association committed to 100% clean power and electrified transportation. Our purpose from the beginning has been to pass policies at the state and federal level that will accelerate the transition for how we power our economy. Today, Counterspark is working to mobilize thousands of Americans in support of this goal.

America has the technologies to solve the climate crisis. We just need to scale the solutions. To do that, we need states and communities to say YES. Yes to innovation. Yes to building and yes to investing in a cleaner future.

Counterspark gives you a platform to call on decision-makers, at every level of government, to say yes to the energy transition and the benefits it brings: lower energy bills, more jobs and cleaner air.

So let’s secure a healthy and more prosperous future for our country and our communities by propelling clean energy and clean transportation forward. Let’s say no to fossil fuels but yes to technology and policy solutions. Working together, we will solve the climate crisis. And we are committed to elevating the voices and ideas of Americans to make sure the energy transition works for everyone.

Together, we envision a future for our communities with clean air, a thriving economy, and a safe climate. Join today to help have an impact on accelerating this vision into reality.

Support our Campaigns
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Advocating for Climate Solutions

Governors, legislators, and utility regulators at the state level set the rules that determine how we power our lives – literally. By focusing on these state-level decision-makers, we can have a direct impact on the policies that determine where our energy comes from and how much it costs. We’re committed to advocating for state-based solutions that can rapidly scale and decarbonize the American economy. Here are a few of our campaigns:

  • Making the energy transition work for everyone
  • Cleaner air through electrifying transportation
  • Powering America with American made clean energy

Making Real Change

Counterspark is taking on one of the most consequential issues of our time – climate change. Learn more about how you can have a real impact on the policy debates that will determine the speed of the energy transition.