Electing Clean Energy Champions in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a make-or-break state for our energy transition. For generations, fossil fuel companies have used the Commonwealth’s rich natural resources to produce and export energy to other states. Today, those forces continue to hold an outsized influence in the halls of power in Harrisburg.

The 2022 election began to loosen the grip of the fossil fuel industry in the state when Democrats won narrow control of the Pennsylvania State House for the first time in over ten years. The new Democratic majority isn’t a clean energy majority yet, and Counterspark is focused on building a new clean energy majority in the legislature in 2024.

Making progress for clean energy in the legislature is critical if we are to shift Pennsylvania away from its big polluter status. For years, legislators have balked at clean energy because they want to export coal and fossil gas to other states. That means dirty air and fewer clean energy jobs for Pennsylvanians.

There is an opportunity for change though. Just this year, Governor Shapiro proposed a plan to increase the share of Pennsylvania’s economy powered by clean resources to 35% by 2035. It’s past time for this update as the Commonwealth is ranked last among states in renewable energy generation since 2013.

Counterspark is working in Pennsylvania to create a solid clean energy majority in the State House and to close the margin between fossil fuel benefactors in the Senate and clean energy supporters. Our success will demonstrate to Governor Shapiro and legislative leadership that Pennsylvanians want clean energy and can finally break the policy logjam in Harrisburg.

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