Help Pass the Clean and Healthy School Bus Act

Ask your legislators to support California's transition to electric school buses by supporting AB 579!

  • Why It Matters

    The Clean and Healthy School Bus Act (AB 579) will ensure that all new California school bus purchases are electric buses from 2035 on, helping children breathe easier on their way to school and cleaning up the air in our communities. The bill makes school transportation healthier for our children and our communities, protects developing lungs, and saves schools money. It sets an achievable statewide goal demonstrating California's leadership on clean, cost effective transportation for schools and will help better position California school districts to secure federal funding to support electric school bus purchases and maximize state resources.

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  • What’s the Solution?

    In 2022, an earlier version of this bill, AB 2731, passed the State Assembly unopposed with strong bipartisan support. That bill was defeated just before reaching the Senate floor due to organized opposition and misinformation efforts. We are at that same critical junction now. This year, let's show our elected officials that supporting clean school buses for our children is common sense. Healthy, safe school transportation is something all Californians -- especially our youngest and most vulnerable -- deserve.

  • What Can I Do?

    This bill awaits action from California Governor Gavin Newsom. This bill passed out of the Assembly on May 31, and it passed the Senate Education Committee on June 28. In late August, the Senate Appropriations Committee passed this bill, followed by full passage on the Senate Floor on September 11. Now, the fate of this bill and an accelerated transition to healthy school buses rests in the Governor’s hands. Fill out the form on this page to send a letter to Governor Newsom today to urge him to sign AB 579 into law or reach out to for more ways to get involved!

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