Tell Lawmakers: Ensure Affordable, Reliable, Competitive Energy for Families

Passing the ARC Act is a win-win-win for Virginia

  • Why It Matters

    Virginia has begun taking steps to ramp up clean energy production and reduce dependence on fossil fuel facilities over the next three decades. Yet more must be done to provide affordable, reliable, and competitive clean energy options for families. We must build upon the commitments the VCEA created and infuse our clean energy economy with more competition to bring down costs and improve reliability.

  • What’s the Solution?

    Lawmakers can build upon Virginia’s growing clean energy sector – from wind and solar energy to battery storage and efficiency technology – spurring billions in investments, good-paying jobs, manufacturing opportunities, and tax revenue. SB230 and HB638, also known as the ARC Act, make this possible by spurring competition and boosting customer affordability and reliability.

  • What Can I Do?

    We need your help to build momentum for the ARC Act. The House and Senate versions are currently live in the General Assembly and are awaiting introduction to committee. Fill out our form to send a letter to your representative urging them to advance this critical legislation!

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