Accelerate Illinois’ Clean Energy Future: Pass The Powering Up Illinois Act and SB2634 Now

Together, the Powering Up Illinois Act and SB2634 will ensure Illinois businesses and families can access affordable clean energy and vehicles without utility delays.

  • Why It Matters

    Illinoisans have been at the forefront of America’s clean energy and transportation transition, demonstrating a growing demand for efficient, sustainable energy sources and transportation solutions. Yet, the transition to a clean energy economy is being hampered by red tape and a lack of supportive infrastructure for electric vehicles. The Powering Up Illinois Act and SB2634 aim to address these critical gaps by streamlining electrification projects and incentivizing the adoption of electric vehicles thereby paving the way for cleaner, more sustainable Illinois.

  • What’s the Solution?

    Senate Bill 3794/ House Bill 5610 (Powering Up Illinois) tackles these delays by setting reasonable energization timelines to ensure families and businesses can get hooked up to the grid and start receiving clean energy for their electric car chargers and heat pumps as fast as possible. This bill is currently under consideration in the Illinois Legislature and is approaching a vote in just a few weeks.

    Senate Bill 2634 introduces a Fleet Electrification Incentive Program, offering significant grants to encourage the purchase of clean fleet vehicles such as school buses and transit buses. This not only aids in improving air quality across the state, but also prioritizes investments in communities most in need.

    Both bills are under consideration in the Illinois Legislature and require urgent support to ensure their passage.

  • What Can I Do?

    Without immediate action, the opportunity to enact these transformative policies could slip away. We are calling on Illinois residents to make their voices heard by sending letters to their state representatives, urging them to support the Powering Up Illinois Act and SB2634. These letters will show lawmakers that their constituents demand a proactive approach to clean energy and transportation electrification.

    Fill out our form now to send a letter to your state representative and help secure the passage of these critical bills before the next legislative deadline.

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