• FERC’s Upcoming Transmission Rule

    We have solutions to meet the climate challenge. What we need is the political will to deploy those solutions at scale in every corner of the country. Later this month, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is going to take an important step to advance one of those solutions: accelerating deployment of electric transmission infrastructure […]

  • What is siting, why does it matter, and how could it impact Michigan elections this fall?

    The word of the day is siting. Specifically, renewable energy siting, because we’re talking about clean energy and because renewable sources represent most of the energy generation being built today. According to the Department of Energy, renewable energy siting refers to “a series of decision-making processes and actions that determine the location and design of […]

  • Federal Elections and Clean Energy

    Today is the presidential New Hampshire primary, which means ballots have officially been cast on both sides of the aisle. Read more in our Medium post.

  • 2023 in Clean Energy

    2023 has been a big year in the fight for 100% clean energy. In the spirit of end-of-year countdowns, J.R. made lists of the top developments. Check them out in our Medium post.

  • Clean Air for Kids

    I grew up with and still suffer from asthma to this day. I also have two boys of my own. That’s why I’m so passionate about clean air for children. It’s part of the reason Counterspark has worked so hard to pass the Clean and Healthy School Bus Act (Assembly Bill 579) in California. This […]

  • Utilities are using OUR money to block clean energy

    Hidden in my utility bill are “operating costs” that my utility is using to pay for an army of lobbyists. Read more on our Medium page.

  • Happy Anniversary, Inflation Reduction Act!

    This law is, as the president would say, a BFD. It is a historic investment in the clean energy transition, and this day is worth celebrating. Let’s dig in to see what the bill has achieved and what’s next. Read more on our Medium page.

  • NY HEAT heats up, but never boils

    New Yorkers want to leave fossil fuels behind. That’s why thousands took action to write and call your state representatives and ask them to pass the NY HEAT Act, a bill which would have ended subsidies for new expensive fossil-fuel natural gas pipelines and charted out an affordable path to clean, healthy, electric homes for […]

  • Top Ten Steps to Achieve 100% Clean Energy

    The Department of Energy issued a report last week on the ten steps we need to take to achieve 100% clean energy. I’m proud that Counterspark does work in regard to each of these steps. The steps are listed in our Medium post along with information about how Counterspark is making an impact on each […]

  • Maryland Goes Big on Offshore Wind

    Gov. Wes Moore (D-MD) signed into law the Promoting Offshore Wind Energy Resources Act (POWER Act). This is a huge victory for clean energy in Maryland, and we are excited about the role we and our supporters had in getting to this point. Read more on our Medium page.