“Counterspark” Launched to Empower Americans to Advocate for Clean Energy Solutions

Counterspark will be focused on advocating for state-based solutions that can rapidly scale and decarbonize the American economy

WASHINGTON, DC, January 16, 2023 — Counterspark, a consumer-empowering, solutions-oriented nonprofit organization, launched its new brand today to give individuals the tools they need to make an impact in accelerating the clean energy transition. The revamped 501(c)(4) organization will build momentum for policies and projects that significantly expand use of clean energy and electrified transportation, with the goal of advancing a vision of the future that has clean air, a safe climate, and a thriving economy.

“Americans overwhelmingly want action on solving the climate crisis, but too often the local benefits of clean energy projects are misunderstood or even intentionally distorted by small but vocal minorities,” said Counterspark President J.R. Tolbert. “That minority of voices saying ‘no’ is too often winning out. The goal of Counterspark is to give people a platform to tell elected officials it’s time to start saying ‘yes’ to climate solutions, and say yes to the technologies, policies, and projects we need to solve the climate crisis.”

As it launches its new brand, Counterspark will be focused on advocating for state-based solutions that can rapidly scale and decarbonize the American economy, starting with critical issues that supporters can have a big impact on quickly:

  • Making the energy transition work for everyone
  • Cleaner air through electrifying transportation
  • Powering America with American-made clean energy

“The technologies needed to solve the climate crisis already exist, we just need to make them broadly available,” added Tolbert, a veteran of clean energy advocacy campaigns. “We want to speed up the deployment of climate solutions by overcoming policy barriers at the local, state, and federal level.”

Initial funding for Counterspark comes from Advanced Energy United, a national business association whose mission is to accelerate the transition to a 100% carbon-free economy in the U.S. The businesses in Advanced Energy United’s membership are lowering consumer costs, creating millions of new jobs, and providing the full range of clean, efficient, and reliable energy and transportation solutions. Counterspark will use its relationship with Advanced Energy United and Advanced Energy Institute, an educational and research partner organization, to work with the innovative industries delivering clean energy resources to our homes, businesses, and schools.

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