Electing Clean Energy Majorities in the 2023 Virginia Elections 

Instead of putting families first, Virginia’s extreme Republicans want to pursue an anti-clean energy agenda. They oppose commonsense energy plans like the Virginia Clean Economy Act, which has made Virginia a clean energy leader in the country. They also support the radical appointments to the Virginia Air Board — people who voted to remove the Commonwealth from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and make us reliant on dirty, dangerous, and expensive, fossil fuels.

This fall, we have a chance to stop extreme Republicans’ anti-climate plan and elect a clean energy majority in the General Assembly. A clean energy House and Senate can protect our progress and advance policies that protect and invest in our families and future.

If you live in Virginia, enter your address below to see your ballot for this fall and make your plan to vote before Tuesday, November 7. We’ll keep you informed on the clean energy champions in your district and update you with important voting deadlines and information.

Together, we will make sure Virginia remains a clean energy leader in the country.