Pass SB218 to Make Clean Energy More Affordable

SB218 will ensure clean energy is more affordable and accessible to Colorado families by cutting delays and giving our aging electricity grid an overdue tune-up.

  • Why It Matters

    More and more families are choosing clean energy, and the demand for reliable and affordable electricity is continuing to rise daily. But Colorado households are facing delays in powering their homes and cars due to insufficient regulatory processes to hold utilities accountable for connecting consumers to the grid promptly.

    Simultaneously, our existing electricity grid is fragile and at risk of being overwhelmed by growing demand. If nothing changes in how upgrades to our electricity grid are made to meet this demand, consumers could end up paying higher bills for less reliable access to clean energy.

  • What’s the Solution?

    Senate Bill 218 tackles these delays by directing state regulators to establish reasonable, enforceable timelines to ensure families can timely get hooked up to the grid and start receiving clean energy for their electric car chargers and heat pumps. This bill is currently under consideration in the Colorado Legislature and is approaching a vote imminently.

  • What Can I Do?

    With less than a week remaining in the legislative session, there’s no time to waste getting this important bill through the legislature and to the governor’s desk. While it has passed the state Senate, we still need to flood lawmakers’ offices with letters urging this bill’s passage before the clock runs out. Fill out our form to send a letter to your state representative immediately!

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