If this bill passes, Florida energy prices will go up!

HB 1645 is a hodgepodge of bad energy policy and DeSantis should veto it

  • Why It Matters

    Gov. DeSantis has attacked electric vehicles repeatedly during his tenure in office, including vetoing a bill last year that would have saved money on state fleet vehicles. Had he signed this bill, this decision alone would have saved Florida taxpayers an estimated $277 million.

    Now, the state House and state Senate have passed a bill that discourages localities from purchasing electric vehicles, provides cost recovery for the fossil fuel industry, and creates more red tape without clear benefits – giving the state Public Service Commission several directives that would require them to rewrite policy with little guidance.

  • What’s the Solution?

    While Gov. DeSantis has been anti-clean energy, he can be persuaded to veto this bill if enough Floridians reach out with concerns about the cost increases that this bill will lead to.

  • What Can I Do?

    Fill out the form on this page now to ask Gov. DeSantis to veto this bill! We have pre-written a letter designed to persuade DeSantis to veto this bill.

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