Building clean energy means more jobs and a more reliable grid!

More clean energy is crucial for a healthy future, jobs, and energy reliability

  • Why It Matters

    We are headed toward a clean energy future which will bring jobs, a more reliable electrical grid, and a healthier climate for Coloradans. But does the state have the right framework in place to make sure clean energy can be built as efficiently and responsibly as possible? Or are outdated or inconsistent processes slowing things down and blocking communities from reaping the benefits of these projects?

  • What’s the Solution?

    We have to build clean energy to use clean energy. A new bill – SB24-212 – would commission a study to evaluate whether existing review processes take the right things into consideration to get clean energy built in the state. The bill would also give communities access to the technical tools and resources they need to update their existing permitting processes.

  • What Can I Do?

    Email your state representatives and ask them to support this bill today!

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